What are Seed Bombs ?

October 24, 2018

Seed Bombs sound interesting. but sometimes people aren't totally sure what that actually are and how they work!
In a nutshell - they are a way to effectively sow a lot of seeds in a short amount of time. 
In fact Seed Bombs are one of the best ways to help your local environment. They allow anyone to repair and re green the areas around them.
Each seed bomb resembles a malteser ! The bomb is made up of biochar, clay ,compost and volcanic rock plus a mix of seeds.
The biochar and clay protect the seeds initially, then when it rains the casing slowly dissolves. The compost and volcanic rock dust then enhance the seed initial germination and growth - giving the seeds the best possible start in life,
So you can think of each little seed bomb as a micro environment with everything needed to for a good start in life.

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