Wild medicinal herb Seed Bomb inspiration:

November 01, 2018

In the 1920's a remarkable man named Harry Hoxsey opened a clinic treating cancer purely with wild herbs.
His initial inspiration for the treatment was his great -grandfather who inadvertently cured the tumour on a horse's leg after allowing the horse to graze in a wild herb meadow.

To this day the Hoxsey clinic is still treating and healing people.
In a smaller way, this was the inspiration for our Wild Medicinal Herb and Plant Seed Bombs
They contain a mix of nine herbs and plants known to aid and cure health issues in grazing animals - particularly horses and ponies.

All seeds are biodynamic or organic and Seed Bombs are easy to use. Just scatter them where your animals are grazing and they will grow.
A totally natural pure way to help your animals and they look nice too!!

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