About Us

Earth Seedlings was started by me, James Godfrey-Faussett, as a result of my passion for finding ways we can practically help our natural environment, easily making a difference in day to day life with innovative ways to repair and re-green the Earth, that we can all enjoy using.
All my life I have had a connection with the natural world and in particular trees and plants. Growing up in farming gave me a solid foundation of knowledge, experience and understanding, which I have been able to draw on in my 25 year career in horticulture.
Running a landscaping business landscaping allowed me to implement sustainable, ecological and toxin-free methods of growing and plant management across the board. For instance, I have emphasised repairing and healing diseased plants and trees rather than replacing them.
In the last decade in particular I have worked exclusively with organic methods, using no synthetic pesticides or herbicides, and often worked with my clients to adopt this approach themselves. I also have a lifelong interest in the healing qualities of herbs, and this led to the development of the wild medicinal herb mix which brings together herbal healing, wildlife biodiversity support and aesthetic re-greening all in one.
My emphasis on toxin free, GM free, organic and biodynamic principles are fully integrated into Earth Seedlings. I am always looking for new and innovative ways of treating plant disease and creating the perfect growing conditions to strengthen the immune system of plants.
I have spent years researching, trialling and implementing a variety of sustainable and innovative practices, including sound frequency technology, novel nutrient delivery solutions, and optimising microbial content of soil for self sustaining soil ecosystems just to name a few. 
Some of the current and future Earth Seedling products are ,and will be, developed in collaboration with experts with specialist knowledge in areas such as pollinators, wildlife and native habitats, so that we can be sure to create the most effective and appropriate products to support species in decline, increase diversity of wildlife and bolster native plants and habitats.
With Earth Seedlings the ultimate aim is to bring innovative environmental solutions on a large scale, hopefully allowing humans, animals and the whole ecosystem to benefit .
From the start the goal has been to open a charitable branch of Earth Seedlings, collaborating with environmental charities around the world and helping local people repair and re-green their environment, working with what is available locally in the most sustainable way. The first step towards this is the donations scheme Earth Seedling has already set up to benefit Seedballs Kenya and Tree Sisters, and as the business grows I hope to develop a separate Earth Seedlings charity in its own right. By buying our products you are helping to grow Earth Seedlings into its greatest potential. Thank you!




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