How To

  •  Each Seed Bomb is a mix of seeds within a protective casing made of organic ingredients including biochar, compost, clay and volcanic rock  dust.
  • The biochar initially protects the seeds from hungry and inquisitive insects and animals, as well as extremes of weather.
  • The casing also acts as a perfect balanced growing medium for the seeds.
  • Once it rains the casing slowly starts to dissolve and the active organic ingredients are activated to stimulate and support the seeds growth.
  • The bombs contain everything thing the seeds need for the best possible start in life.


  • Simply open the packet and scatter small handfuls of the Seed Bombs in your chosen location.
  • There is no need to dig or push them into the ground.
  • Ideally scatter where the bombs will make contact with the ground, remain undisturbed and rain will reach.
  • Then leave to Mother Nature!


  • Choose a location that suits your particular mix.
  • For example: The CO2 Busting mix is native tree based so the best place would be wooded areas or edge of fields etc. Similarly The Wild Medicinal mix would work best scattered onto ground grazed by your animals.
  • It’s best to avoid areas such as farmed land that are regularly worked.


  • Each mix has guidelines for the best time to scatter.
  • As a rule you can scatter any mix of Seed Bombs at any time, as they will rest dormant until nature activates them.
  • For example Wild Medicinal Mix is perfect to scatter in the autumn for spring germination. Or scattered in spring for immediate germination.

Above all have fun, involve your children and make a difference to the future!

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