Bumblebee SOS Seed Bomb Mix


Bumblebees and other pollinators are sadly under threat, now more so than ever.

This is largely due to the rapid and alarming decline in wild meadows - the bee's primary and preferred habitat. 97% of UK wild flower meadows have now disappeared.

Our Bumblebee SOS Seed Bombs contain 10 of the best wild flowers and herbs for bumblebees and benefit other pollinators as well.  Kindly designed specifically for us by Professor Dave Goulson of the University of Sussex, biologist, ecologist, conservationist and leading bumblebee expert. Dave is the founder of the Bumblebee Conservation Trust and Buzz Club,. Dave has come up with a mix of 10 diverse, easy growing wild flowers and herbs that provide a valuable haven and food source. 

All the seeds are biodynamic or organic, GM free and open pollinators.

Easy to use, these Seed Bombs can be scattered in any suitable area, wild or urban. Why not create an bee haven in part of your garden or local park?

A donation from each sale will go to support the work of Buzz Club - Dave Goulson's new charity venture, which encourages people to be active in their local communities and help the bumblebee. 



  • Each of our handmade Seed Bombs contains wild flower and herb seeds in a protective and growth enhancing casing of organic biochar, compost, clay and volcanic rock dust.  
  • Each Seed Bomb contains approximately 10 seeds . 
  • All seeds are Biodynamic or Organic, open pollinators and GM free.

Instructions for use:
  • Just scatter in a suitable area, wait for rain and wait for the results.   
  • Can be sown anytime for Spring or Summer germination.

Wild Flower and Herb varieties: 
  • Viper's bugloss 
  • Knapweed
  • Foxglove
  • Devil's bit scabious
  • Bird's foot trefoil
  • Red and white clover
  • Bird vetch
  • Oregano
  • Common poppy
  • Cornflowers.

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