Co2 Busting Native Tree Seed Bombs


Designed from a mix of native tree species that absorb large amounts of Co2,each Seed Bomb has the potential to grow into a fully mature Co2 hovering tree!  
Just one small packet could produce 100 trees or more in years to come. This mix can help make a real difference to our planet’s future.
    • Each of our handmade Seed Bombs contains native tree seeds in a protective and growth-enhancing casing of organic biochar,compost, clay and volcanic rock dust.
    • Each Bomb contains approximately 3 tree seeds ( to ensure germination)
    • All seeds are organic, biodynamic or wild.


    Instructions for use:

    Just scatter in a suitable area, wait for rain and wait for the results.   

    Can be sown anytime but Autumn and Winter are optimal. 


    native tree species:

    This C02 busting mix contains the following native tree species:

    Alder -Scots Pine – Hornbeam - Wild service tree - Small leaved lime - Wild cherry -Field maple- Rowan.  
      All seeds are organic, biodynamic or wild



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