Dog Walker Seed Bombs


Designed from a vibrant, diverse mix of native seeds, ideal to scatter while walking your dog or out in the fresh air. Each packet contains a balanced mix of seeds that will produce a beautiful mix of small trees, shrubs, herbs and flowers to enhance your local environment and re green areas that need repairing. 


  • Each of our handmade Seed Bombs contains native seeds in a protective and growth enhancing casing of organic biochar, compost, clay and volcanic rock dust.
  • Each Bomb contains approximately 5 seeds.



Instructions for use:

Just scatter in a suitable area, wait for rain and watch them grow.

Sow anytime: 


trees, plants,herbs and flowers:

This native fun mix contains :

Mulberry black - Crab apple - Dog rose - Honeysuckle - Wild privet - Dill 

Yarrow - Chamomile - Borage - Buckwheat - Cornflowers -  Phacelia


All seeds are organic, biodynamic or wild.




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