English Oak Tree Seed Bombs


You can now easily grow individual Oak trees with our acorn Seed Bombs.

Each golf ball sized Seed Bomb contains a seasoned acorn, wild harvested in the UK. Just pop one in a pot, or the garden or scatter in the wild and watch as a majestic English Oak tree springs forth into life! The seed bomb protects and then enhances the acorn's initial growth.

Fantastic for children or to mark a special event.

Use any time this winter for Spring germination.

  • Each of our handmade Seed Bombs contains a seasoned acorn  in a protective and growth enhancing casing of organic biochar, compost, clay and volcanic rock dust.  
  • One acorn per Seed Bomb.

Instructions for use:
  • Plant this Winter for Spring germination. The cold winter weather helps to break the acorn's dormancy.
  • Press lightly into the surface of the soil or scatter in a suitable place


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