Larger scale Seed Bomb projects


We now offer the exciting, innovative option of larger scale Seed Bomb projects:

Seed Bombs are such a quick, easy and reliable option, that larger projects can be realistically planned and undertaken in a short amount of time, while keeping the costs down and disruption to a minimum.


Imagine being able to easily create a haven for bumblebees or a medicinal pony paddock for your horses to graze on.


Or repair hedgerows with small native trees,shrubs and wild climbers. Equally, depleted areas of woodland can be restored and added too with native Co2 sequestering tree.


An example: You have a small pony paddock where your horses live and graze. The grazing is ok but probably not beneficial for the health of your animals. We could provide and sow 10,000 Seed Bombs per acre to produce a beautiful herb and plant dotted meadow that aids the health and wellbeing of your ponies and horses. All of this with GM free seeds and achievable quickly and with no disruption.


All seeds are always Biodynamic, Organic or Wild harvested.


Available larger projects;

  • Medicinal herb and plant grazing for ponies and horses.
  • GM free havens for bumblebees, pollinators and butterflies.
  • Hedgerows started or repaired.
  • Woodland added to or depleted areas added to with native Co2 sequestering trees.
  • Wild flower meadows created.
  • Grazing for lamas,sheep ,cattle ,hens and geese etc.
  • Urban areas greened up and sanctuaries created for wildlife in towns and cities.
  • Biodiversity areas established.

All projects undertaken with the experience and expertise required.


No project too small or large.


Please call or email for further information and pricing.


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